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Apply Now for the upcoming Summer

We are not currently accepting applications for summer 2021. Check back in the fall for information about summer 2022.

How to Apply

  1. Please print and fill out the appropriate application form found above.
  2. Scan and Email to or mail the completed application form, along with all required materials, to camp at the address found on page 1.

Required Materials

  • Most recent annual tax return (Both Parents) showing adjusted gross income
  • Most Recent Pay Stub (for Both Parents) from current employer(s) or recent bank statements (for Both Parents)
  • A Personal Statement from Parent(s) stating why you are interested in Adirondack Camp for your child, specifically why you require financial assistance, and what your child hopes to gain from attending one of our summer session programs (200 - 300 words)
  • A Letter of Reference from a current teacher, youth group leader, guidance counselor, coach, or school professional, speaking to the academic skills and extracurricular activities of the child including the contact information for the reference
  • 2nd Letter of Reference from an unrelated adult who is familiar with your child’s qualifications (family friend, clergy member, social worker, etc.) including contact information for the individual
  • A Letter, PowerPoint presentation (5 - 7 slides), photo-essay, or short video from your child stating what they hope to gain from a summer experience at Adirondack Camp and why they would like to attend our camp

For any questions about the application process or materials please contact Rikki by email at or by phone at (518) 547-8261.

Please Note: Incomplete applications cannot be considered by the board.

Should You Choose the Partial or Full Scholarship?

When applying for a scholarship, we ask you to use the honor system. If you are financially able to afford some of the tuition, then you should apply for Partial Tuition. However, if you are unable to contribute anything toward tuition, then you should apply for the Full Scholarship.

Scholarship funds are limited, and we want as many children to come to camp as possible. Your careful consideration of which scholarship to choose is appreciated.