Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund

The spirit of an eagle never dies

History of the Adirondack Scholarship Fund

The Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund was established in 2004, in conjunction with the centennial anniversary of Adirondack Camp. In its first year, the Fund sponsored five children and has provided some level of assistance to over 70 children since its formation.

For about 14 consecutive years my children have attended Adirondack Camp. First it was my daughter and then my son was able to follow in her footsteps, thanks to the generosity of the Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund. We are so blessed and fortunate as a family to have had the opportunity to attend this amazing summer camp. I will forever be thankful for Adirondack Camp Lilian G, Parent

Board of Directors

Adam Cermak — Chair
parent and alumnus (’82 – ’91)

Wilmot Mitchell — Chairman & Treasurer
parent and alumnus (’74 – ’85)

Pam Stone— Secretary
parent and alumnus (’79 – ’85)

Matt Amsterdam
alumnus (’98 – ’10)

Gemma Badini
alumnus (’93 – ’04)

Daniel Nassar
alumnus (’98 – ’09, ’17)

Meghan Quinn
alumnus (’98 – ’09)