Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund

The spirit of an eagle never dies

Creating Unforgettable Summers for Kids in Need

Our goal is simple — to enable children who could otherwise not afford to attend Adirondack to do so.

The Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund was established by Adirondack alumni to be an independent, not-for-profit, 501©3 organization dedicated to supporting the needs of children who do not have the financial means to attend Adirondack Camp.

The Fund enables children to attend Adirondack and enjoy experiences that otherwise would not have been possible. With your support, the Fund’s Board members, all former or current Adirondack campers, staff, or parents, will assure that the Fund remains a lasting, independent, not-for-profit scholarship entity.

Please take a moment to browse our website, and please consider giving what you can. We hope you will find it in your heart to honor our more than 100 years and give anything you can, affording other, less fortunate children the same wonderful opportunity that you and we were so fortunate to have.

In the spirit of the eagle that never dies…

After 7 years at Adirondack, it has changed who I am completely. It taught me how to be a leader, be able to be liked for who I am and not someone else, and most of all be a good friend. Without Adirondack Camp, I don’t know who I would be. Shai G, Camper

Mission Statement

At the Adirondack Scholarship, we believe:

  1. In providing the Adirondack experience to as many children as possible so that the Adirondack Family can continue to grow for generations to come.
  2. That every child, regardless of their financial situation, should have available to them the opportunity for new adventures.
  3. That the children who benefit most from our cause are the those who continue to attend camp year after year and we believe in doing our best to make that a possibility for them.
  4. It is important to remain in touch and up to date with camp Alumni as they are a vital part of keeping our efforts alive and we appreciate their support and effort.